The Dimple-t Bulk Solids Heat Exchanger
♦ indirect heat exchange to cool or heat your bulk solids
♦ saves up to 90% energy
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  • The slot manifold technology
  • inhouse manufacturing of heat exchangers
  • Solids Cooler
  • Solids Heater
  • Solids Drier

Dimple-t designs the most efficient bulk solids heat exchangers

Dimple-t designs modular build, vertical mounted and dimple plate type, bulk solids heat exchangersThe technology was originally developed in 1989/1990 at a Cominco fertilizer plant in Canada. 

Since 1994 Mr. Boeyink, owner of Dimple-t, is working with this technology. Mr. Boeyink is one of the the founders of Bulkflow Technologies. He started up the manufacturing in Europe and initiated worldwide the sugar applications.

A lot of manufacturing and application experience was gained and used to develop a new dsign cooler. Named the Dimple-t Bulk Solids Cooler.

Dimple-t went back to basics and has with several important details improved the original Cominco Bulk Flow Heat Exchanger design to the state of the art current Dimple-t design.

Meanwhile several installations have been delivered and started up and work to the full customer satisfaction.

A unique design

The design is a unique combination of Dimple (inflated) Plate type indirect heat exchange technology and Gravity/Mass Flow technology. Mass Flow means that over the whole cross-sectional area of the heat exchanger all bulk solids particles are in movement at equal velocity. Doing so means that we create a known residence time. Sufficient residence guarantees equal heat transfer.

The Dimple-t Bulk Solids Heat Exchangers are used as Bulk Solids Coolers - and Heaters.

The advantages:

  • The Bulk Solids pass slowly through the heat exchanger by gravity.
  • All horizontal surfaces are eliminated so no Bulk Solids can stay behind.
  • The slot manifold assures closer plate spacing tolerances.
  • Moist air from outside cannot enter the cooler.
  • The Bulk Solids to heat or cool are treated gently and will not degrade or change particle characteristics.

Dimple Plate Type technology

The Dimple Plate type technology creates indirect heat exchange so the cooling or heating media is not in direct contact with the product to cool or heat. Bulk Solids are cooled by conduction. No air as cooling medium so no expensive treatment or filtration of air is required. With competing aircooled systems, like fluidbed – and or rotary drum, huge capital investments in air treatment are required and the operational cost are immense compared to the indirect Dimple-t Bulk Solids Heat Exchangers. The Dimple-t Bulk Solids Heat Exchanger is using a very small footprint and can be easily installed and integrated in existing plants. Since Mass Flow is required we only have applications for free flowing products like granules, prills, crystals, pellets, powders, sands and seeds. Examples of products that are applied in this type of Bulk Solids Heat Exchanger are Fertilizer, Sugar, Polymers, Chemicals, Foundry Sand, Soybean, Canola, Seeds, Grains etc.

Manufacturer Dimple-t Bulk Solids Coolers and Heaters

Mosman is the manufacturer of the Dimple-t Bulk Solids Cooler and Heaters. It is Mosman and Dimple-t company policy not to build for stock. I.e. every piece of equipment that Dimple-t design and Mosman manufactures is made to suit an individual project of a client. Mosman is capable of manufacturing laser - and or resistance welded dimple (inflated)  plate type heat exchangers. Mosman manufacturers Mass Flow Cones, Mass Flow Vibratory Feeders and Mass Flow Double Gate Feeders. Mosman is a customer oriented company with its own engineering but still with a small overhead and many qualified welders. Learn more about Mosman.

The slot manifold technology

Dimple-t uses the slot manifold technique. We eliminated the many horizontal pipes in the bulk solids stream and the thermal expansion problems in old designs are not an issue. Plate spacing is more constant. Moisture from outside cannot enter the cooler.

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Inhouse manufacturing of heat exchangers

Our competition do not have their own manufacturing. From us you get everything out of one company. We have short communication lines so it is much easier to prevent mistakes. We have a small overhead. We offer attractive pricing.

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